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Marlowe Aster is the founder and director of the Wild Mary Academy, which specialises in teaching the art of magical living and practical metaphysics from a feminine perspective.

She has an extensive history of working with mostly women to help them discover and strategise their life purpose, and to make sense of a chaotic world in a way that builds their self-confidence and joy in the journey.


Marlowe also helps her clients to reclaim their magical sense of Self and rediscover their inherent powers as Creator Beings.

With decades of experience and training in Psychology, Esoterica, and Entrepreneurship, all driven by strong philosophical and scientific curiosity, Marlowe has a vast range of knowledge, wisdom, and insights that underpin her pioneering theories and perspectives. She is an intellectual and spiritual adventurer, pushing paradigms to their limits in the pursuit of the Truth of Reality.

Marlowe strongly encourages radical self-responsibility for one's own life in order to step into full magical life as an intentional co-creator.

And even though she enjoys diving into the intense core issues of meaning and purpose, Marlowe manages to retain a light and uplifting attitude towards even the most serious or dark topics.

On a personal note, Marlowe is the eldest of five sisters and lives in a purple cottage in rural Tasmania. And yes, she's mad on purple!