that blocks your memory of this?

Now, do you feel ready to ...

Let's not pussyfoot around.

You're on a mission to make a difference.

And to succeed, you need access to your Magic.

And there are lots of ways you are being obstructed and distanced from your Magic.

Deliberately or inadvertently.

It doesn't matter.


Your consciousness is being manipulated 

to feel powerless, discouraged, distracted, overwhelmed.

This is how your Magic is banished.

It's played to feel like an inside job.

What if I told you it was designed that way?

So that it would look like you're sabotaging yourself.

Your Soul has set you on a Hero Quest 

even though you are a woman.

An entrepreneurial hero quest.

To recover and claim your unique Magic

to be useful and valuable 

in the way of your choosing.

Ah! Here be dragons.

(And fairy godmothers.)

Guess which I might be?

Hmmmm ...

Life Magician and Age of Aquarius Priestess,

I am a metaphysical teacher, writer,

and occasional coach.


Like you, I'm here to help usher in a new wave of humanity

and create alternative approaches to our current reality.

Wild Mary Academy is my teaching space

where I teach unconventional courses of empowerment

and the recovery of Magic.

Specifically, the feminine way of magic.

Feminine Arcana.

Do I have a tribe?




I identify best with independent women 

who feel Magic stirring deep in their soul.

Leaderful women with a mission to accomplish.

Women who are curious about why things are the way they are in the world.

Like ...

Who made the rules that we appear to agree to?

Who decides what we should know and what we shouldn't?

Who has distanced us from our own Magic?

And WHY?

Because we sense that much needs be undone and recrafted.

The old way is coming to a conclusion

and we are the harbingers of the new ways.

I resonate most strongly with women who

* Question everything.

* Want to make, and live by, their own rules.

* Yearn to live a magically powerful and self-determined life.

* Feel called to bring an urgent message into the world.

But who still struggle to trust themselves and their unique Magic.

YOU are who I do this for.


Sister Priestesses 

who are returning to plant a new era for humanity.

You MUST succeed

as culture shapers and influencers

Throwing out your magical pebbles that ripple into the future of humanity

with love, healing, creation, and empowerment.

Unleashing the Magic within us all.

There are many layers of truth and deceptions.

Nuanced and subtle.


I teach you how to develop your inner compass

as a Reality Creating Being.


So you have the courage to trust yourself

and follow your higher knowing

to bring YOUR message out into the world

in the manner of YOUR choosing.


The word Courage is based on the French word for Heart.


You can only have courage when your heart is aligned with your actions.

As such ...


My work is NOT for

spiritual "love and light" women,

because the journey, like spirituality, is sometimes dark.

My work is NOT for

obedient, rule-following women,

including highly invested academic and professional women,

because dogmas are challenged and deconstructed.

My work is NOT for

feminist women who rage against patriarchy,

because this blinds you to half the game where women are complicit.

My work is NOT for

women who feel like victims of circumstances,

because you're not taking a large-enough view of life.

But if these DO describe you, 

don't be discouraged.

We all started that way.

Have courage

And hold your beliefs lightly.

And, listen, if you're a guy, you're welcome here too.


After all,

Male is included in the word Female

Man is included in the word Woman.

You came from Women,

And you will return to the Feminine Void.

So welcome, and may you learn about and come to appreciate our Feminine Arcana.


May you recognise the Feminine aspects within yourself and around you

which support, not destroy, your Masculine nature.

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